MusclePharm Combat Powder

Product Name:MusclePharm Combat Powder
Product Price:$37.99
Cost per 100g of Actual Protein:$3.22
Claimed Protein per serving:25g
Actual Protein per serving:22.7g
No. of Servings:52 servings
Calories per serving:130 calories
Carbs (sugar) per serving:5g (2g)
Fats per serving:1.5g
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The original MusclePharm protein powder, MusclePharm Combat Powder still remains a popular choice for many. Fact: Men love buying products with the word ‘combat’ in the name.

This is a high quality protein, with a high amount of amino acids, plus the addition of digestive enzymes, whey hydroslate, and casein, which makes this protein a super great deal, coming in at #2 on the list with 100g of actual protein costing only $3.22! Definitely the ideal choice for budget-conscious folk, and definitely one of the best cheap whey protein powders!

MusclePharm Combat Powder Review

MusclePharm Combat Powder Review Label

Protein Type and Content

This is highly blended protein, containing both whey and casein, with the whey blend being a combination of whey concentrate, isolate, and hydroslate (hydrolyzed protein). The isolate and hydroslate would make this a good protein for those with digestion or lactose sensitivity issues, while the presence of casein makes this a more slow acting protein compared to its 100% whey counterparts.

This product contains a whopping 33g of amino acids per serving; way ahead of its competitors. They have also thrown in a digestive enzyme blend of protease and lactase.

However, I don’t like how the actual protein was below the claimed protein (9.4% less). Further, the lab tests showed the presence of non-negligible amount of alanine. This means that there is moderate chance of protein spiking.

Other Nutritional Information

Carb content for this powder is a bit higher than most at 5g, same with the sugar content at 2g. Cholesterol levels, at 75mg per serving are definitely on the higher end compared to other products.

Flavor and Mixability

In terms of taste, this product is awesome! I’ve tried a variety of flavors and they have all been pretty good (our personal favorite: Chocolate Peanut Butter). The online consensus is similar: this is simply a great tasting product. No issues with mixability at all, this one mixes easily and quickly.

Final Verdict

A great, high quality protein blend ideal for those with digestion issues and looking for a slower acting protein. Great taste and mixability, also contains high amounts of amino acids and digestive enzymes. That said, the moderate chance of protein spiking is something to be concerned about.

Despite its quality, it’s a great choice for the budget-conscious folk; I speculate that the low price is due to MusclePharm launching its newer Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Whey series (update: Arnold Schwarzenegger has ended his business relationship with MusclePharm).

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