Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey

Product Name:Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey
Product Price:$55.00
Cost per 100g of Actual Protein:$3.38
Claimed Protein per serving:25g
Actual Protein per serving:25.8g
No. of Servings:63 servings
Calories per serving:130 calories
Carbs (sugar) per serving:3g (1g)
Fats per serving:1.5g
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Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey Review labelDymatize Nutrition Elite Whey protein is another popular protein brand recently updated for a more modern look. While the contents remain the same, it looks like the manufacturers boosted the actual protein content. Thus, it now becomes one of the most value for money protein powders on my list with 100g of actual protein costing only $3.38.

Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey Review

Protein Type and Content

I consider this to be a pretty ‘standard’ whey protein in almost every aspect. Its main advantage over the competition being its protein blend, which contains whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolyzed whey to boot. While I have said that buying a 100% hydrolyzed whey powder is great for throwing away your money, a good whey blend with some hydrolyzed whey thrown in would be great for those with digestion or lactose sensitivity issues.

In addition, each serving also contains 5.5g of BCAAs, which is pretty standard, however it also contains digestive enzymes –protease, lactase, and lipase, which I consider to be a definite bonus.

Further, I have to give props to the manufacturer. In this latest iteration, the actual protein content actually slightly exceeds the label claims, by about 3%. So they could have called this 103% whey protein instead. Lame joke aside, this is a definite plus point.

Other Nutritional Information

As mentioned, everything else is pretty standard, 130 calories per serving, 3g of carbs with 1g of sugar and 1.5g of fat. Same goes for its cholesterol and sodium content at 50mg and 130mg per serving, respectively, this a fairly standard ingredients list.

Taste and Mixability

In terms of taste, I consider this powder to be ‘pretty good’. I have tried a variety of flavors and my personal favorite is their new Chocolate Cake Batter flavor. I am also partial to Chocolate Mint. General consensus on this powder’s flavor is also highly positive; it is unlikely you can go wrong with this choice in terms of taste. Mixability is good, and I never encountered any issues mixing this powder using our manual shaker.

Final Verdict

A great choice overall, the addition of hydrolyzed whey and digestive enzymes may make this a better choice for those with higher levels of lactose sensitivity. Excellent value for money thanks to the manufacturers putting in more protein than on the label claim. Flavor and mixability is another plus point.

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