CytoSport Muscle Milk

Product Name:CytoSport Muscle Milk
Product Price:$54.14
Cost per 100g of Actual Protein:$5.16
Claimed Protein per serving:16g
Actual Protein per serving:16.4g
No. of Servings:64 servings
Calories per serving:150 calories
Carbs (sugar) per serving:9g (2g)
Fats per serving:6g
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Cytosport muscle milk labelCytoSport Muscle Milk is definitely not the choice for those looking for the most protein for their buck, with only 16g of protein per scoop, and 100g of actual protein costing $5.16.


Protein Type and Content

However, the protein itself is a nice blend of whey concentrate/isolate/hydroslates together with a slower digesting milk protein isolate (casein). The product is also certified lactose free, meaning that Muscle Milk is a good choice for you lactose sensitive folk out there.


Other Nutritional Information

The caloric content is on the high side at 150 calories per serving as the fat and carb content are higher than normal at 6g and 9g (with 2g of sugar), respectively. The fat content consists of Muscle Milk’s ‘Lean Lipids’ which contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (pre-digested fats, meaning faster digesting) as we as fats from  sunflower and canola oil. Despite the high fat content, the cholesterol contain is one of the lowest amongst all the brands at only 10mg.


As you can see by the length of the supplement lablel, Muscle Milk contains a lot more vitamins and minerals compared to the to the other compared brands, which would be a selling point for those who perhaps don’t wish to take additional regular vitamin supplements.


Taste and Mixability

In terms of flavor and mixability, Muscle Milk is solidly average on both fronts. We have tried Muscle Milk at varying points over the last several years and definitely prefer the taste from years ago. Not to say that the current flavors are bad of course; we recommend their Banana Crème flavor. Online consensus is similar, with a lot of variation in users’ opinion on the flavor. As mentioned, mixability is average, you shouldn’t have any trouble mixing it in your shaker but you will probably have to shake it pretty hard.


Final Verdict: Lower but high quality protein content, coupled with healthy fats as well as vitamins and minerals make this an ideal meal replacement or post-workout shake. Flavor and mixability are average.

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