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Hi I’m Trey, the Protein Investor. I’ve spent many years on the health and fitness journey, lifting weights, eating clean, and getting gainz. Throughout my journey, one thing has remained constant:

The non-stop consumption of protein shakes.

Protein supplements have become part of my daily diet and budget. And if you are serious about fitness, it will be part of yours too.

I was sitting around one day and realized how much money we had spent on protein supplements, and how much money we had wasted on buying hyped-up supplements.

So, I decided to start this site to analyze the best value for money whey protein brands, which will not only help you hit your required daily protein macros, but do so with as little of a dent in your budget as possible.

Make no mistake, you will find yourself consuming endless amounts of protein shakes, before bed, upon waking, post-workout, etc. all of that adds up over time!

Protein supplementation is a necessary investment in reaching your fitness goals, and this site is here to guide you in making the most informed investment decisions in your protein supplement choices.

I hope to be able to give back to the fitness community in some small way through this endeavour.

I greatly appreciate your support and hope you get something out of this site.